• Committed First In Safety

    Safety and reliability have been UNITECH foremost concern of vertical
    transportation. We work constantly to improve the safety of existing
    products and develop safer technologies for new products.
  • Working To Change The Environment For The Better

    Unitech has focused on energy and resource saving during the manufacturing and implementing
    a variety of energy saving and waste reduction initiatives at our business sites.
  • Developing The Future For The Tommorow

    Unitech gives utmost importance to technical up gradation activities which are
    carries out at our in house department. The company is working on new
    innovation, technology development, cost reduction, quality improvement, process
    implementation and process control.
  • Innovation To Reduce
    Energy Consumption

    UNITECH Elevator is committed to offering high quality,
    innovative and energy efficient solutions that make
    travel within and between buildings as smooth as possible.
    Unitech Elevator has always provided a systematic and
    long-term investment into its R&D capabilities.
  • People In The World Remember Us For Quality

    Unitech Engineers keeps stringent vigil over the entire processes right from the
    procurement of raw material till the final delivery of lifts and elevators. Various
    tests are also conducted on our products to ensure that only flawless products
    move from our end.


The small civil dimensions result in saving immense space in each and every project. More so we can design elevators to fit into any shafts built.


Unique Design

Lift cabin is the unique space in a building that transports you up & down. Based on the lift nature & function, the time spent in a lift is


Fast Installation Method

Unitech Uses New Installation Technologies For Very Fast Installation Of Lifts. Scaffold less, in elevator installation methods to ensure a fast,


24X7 Service Center

UNITECH is committed to provide highest quality services during all stages of your project from new installation to maintenance of lifts.


Welcome To Unitech Elevator Co.

Unitech Elevator Co.... The name, you can safely associate with the most advanced & trusted elevator technologies. Hi-tech advancement, quality & customer satisfaction are the key tools which have helped us to scale new heights of success. It is one of the most reliable companies, committed to delivering satisfied service & the best in elevator sector on time, every time, everywhere...

At Unitech Elevator Co., the complete ranges of Elevators are manufactured with total integration adhering to all the quality and safety norms. Various equipments like Gear boxes, duty motors, Driving sheaves, crams. Over-speed governors, Door Locks, Microprocessor controllers, Guide rails and many more manufactured using the most modern methods of production.


Major urban development is made possible due to the transportation technology.

A common vision to satisfy the needs of customers worldwide motivates the skilled professionals at UNITECH ELEVATOR CO. to make new ideas work and to deliver and market innovative products. UNITECH ELEVATOR CO. customers get complete back-up support and the confidence of companies Quality assurance.

To continue as a highly respected global company.

To become a leader in the Electro Elevators manufacturing industry.

To sustain our reputation for providing customer delight.